Thursday, April 24, 2008

TV Time

While living in this apartment we are watching a lot more TV than usual, and this includes mommy.

You who have read this blog before know what a fan of Dancing with the Stars I am. I absolutely loved Kristi's jive on Tuesday, and then laughed at the group number at the end. Katie, Nicholas, and I sat here Wednesday morning and watched the group number twice more on the computer. They loved it just as much, and afterwards, the kids practiced their ballroom dancing all day.

Then tonight I finally got a new episode of Grey's Anatomy to watch. My brother and husband bought me seasons 1 to 3 for Christmas, and I have since watched and rewatched them in order, so many times that I could tell you everything about them. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they give my brain a time to just relax. And during the writer's strike I thought about how the plot could continue to my satisfaction. What I would most like to see happen. What did my brilliant mind come up with? Well tonight they aired it on TV. Meredith going to a psychiatrist. In my mind she went with Derek, but that is to come I have a feeling. How is that for predictions? Anyway, while the episode wasn't one of my favorites, (I still love the episodes in season 1) it did make me smile in the way that only Grey's Anatomy can.

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Anonymous said...

Grey's Anatomy Oh Yes don't tell me about it because I missed too many episodes. I die for that show also and miss it during the strike just as much. I am going to buy a copy next time Costco has it in a store. By the way dad did buy me a TV for my bedroom HD. Now we have to wait for your bother to find the TV cable wire so we can connect it in my room.