Monday, July 03, 2006

50 Things I Miss About Texas

1. Having a home.
2. My lilies and snapdragons along the side of the house.
3. Katie's Winnie-the-Pooh bedroom.
4. Our king size bed.
5. Sleeping with my husband in our king size bed. (I now sleep with a squirmy 1 year old, while my husband sleeps with our 4 year old)
6. The way the kids used to run back and forth pushing toys or riding their little red truck on the ceramic tile.
7. My wonderful huge soaking tub.
8. My beautifully repainted lavender bathroom.
9. My neighbors.
10. My friends.
11. Having friends for Katie and Nick to play with.
12. Friday night craft night. (I'm afraid the drive is much too long, dear friend)
13. The League City and Harris County libraries.
14. Driving 5 minutes to get pretty much anywhere. (Around here if someone tells you a place is right up the road, assume that means 30 minutes)
15. Blue Bell Ice Cream
16. The Kemah boardwalk
17. The Pizza place at the Kemah boardwalk
18. Water that does not smell funny whenever you run a faucet.
19. Relaxing and talking with good friends.
20. Katie's ballet school
21. Getting to see friends who just moved back to Texas after we had already moved away.
22. Living in a home (did I say that already?)
23. Not needing to think about which rent, mortgage, utility bill is due in which state. (after all we will soon own 2 homes, and have one apartment temporarily - we live in style)
24. Not getting to see the Faith Hill/ Tim McGraw concert. (I've still got my ticket if anyone is interested)
25. Playdates.
26. Normal sized spiders.
27. Having lots of homeschooling moms around.
28. Having a good hospital 5 minutes away.
29. Having great doctors that know me and the kids.
30. Being able to make a dental appointment for the kids without being told to call back next week.
31. Having a happy husband
32. Watching the NASA channel
33. Living in a place where people are friendly.
34. Having a friend who knows a lot about sewing and can help figure things out.
35. Space shuttle launches
36. Galveston and the Strand
37. Moody Gardens
38. Good steaks and baked potatoes.
39. Fourth of July at Kemah's Walmart parking lot
40. Clear lake park
41. Having a babysitter
42. Having friends who lived just around the corner
43. Having a real beach
44. Einstein bagels
45. I think I've actually run out of things, soo
46. Friends (you know who you are)
47. Friends
48. Friends
49. Friends
50. AND A HOME (did I say that)

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