Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Fun Game of Kickball

Katie has now been introduced to the fine art of playing kickball by her Uncle Doug and Daddy. While the game began seemingly to play a game with Katie, as the morning progressed it was the adults?? that really were having the fun. Even Grandpa with his sprained ankle got in on the game, carefully positioning himself to kick, and then hobbling from base to base. It didn't take Katie long to figure out that you could run directly from home to second, bypassing first base, and then round the rest of the bases for an easy homerun. Who knew those little legs could go so fast?

Nick on the other hand, while a sports addict, didn't seem to understand the fundamentals, and during his turn decided picking up the ball and walking away with it was a much better idea. He was content to just watch the silliness, try to catch various roly-polys and ants, and pick pinecones from under the gigantic douglas fir in the front yard. Maybe we'll hire him out as a landscaper/ pest controller.

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IL Gramps said...

The Joliet insect population was almost wiped out by one agressive boy. One question: Why do we buy toys when children are happier with cardboard boxes and insects?