Saturday, July 15, 2006

Winton Woods and Parky's Farm

The kids getting in some practice time on the tractors before helping Daddy with the real thing in just a few short weeks. While Nick's legs are just a little too short to reach the pedals, Katie has it all figured out and can ride with the best of them.

Katie going down the slide at Parky's Farm, a large indoor playground that is themed like a big barn. It is quite cleverly constructed, having all kinds of areas, such as this one, where she could have gone up a rope ladder to reach a third level or come down this slide. The only bummer - NO Air-conditioning!

Nick sitting in a ball pit area, that is themed as a chicken coop. You throw the white eggs (balls) over a fence at 2 foxes, and the 3 chickens (cut out of wood and painted) lay the eggs. Very cute!
Nick, after a tough hike up one of the ladders, just to look out the window at the ponies hanging out in the shade right below. Note the exertion displayed by the tongue hanging out.

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