Monday, July 03, 2006

A Day Of Firsts

Nick had his first painting experience today at almost 21 months old. While he liked using the brush to paint, as soon as he got a little paint on his finger he wasn't so sure he liked it anymore. So after two quick pictures, a little paint in the mouth and hair, it was time to clean up, which he enjoyed immensely. Anytime we tell him "go wash hands", you hear him yelling "HAND, HAND" and the pitter patter of little feet running to the bathroom.

Katie, on the other hand, had her 1st viewing of the Wizard of Oz, which lasted approximately 20 minutes. Just long enough for her to make it through the black-and- white footage, and get her first glimpse of the wicked witch of the west. Promptly as Dorothy got the magic red ruby slippers, Katie declared this movie to be too scary, and that was the end of that. I had debated off and on, when would be a good age to introduce her to such a great classic movie, knowing full well what an impression the wicked witch once had on me, but decided to just let her see it anyway. Obviously 4 is still too young. Maybe next year!


Anonymous said...

Funny that you should mention "The Wizard of Oz". While Jake and Grandpa were downstairs on Sat. afternoon, supposedly watching a videotape of "Thomas the Train", I heard the familiar cackling of the Wicked Witch of the West, coming from the living room! "Oh, we rewound too far", the answer came from Grandpa John, "but look Jake is mesmerized." Sure enough, eyes locked to the screen, there sat my little 2 1/2 yr. old "charge". I am sorry if his parents learn from this "comment" that their son has been introduced to the "mean witch" and apparently liked being scared! If he mentions, "my little pretty", you'll know why! We switched it off, but how is that for coincidence? EMB

Big Bro In Law said...

Actually, a few weeks ago I finished the latest of my "CB Mini-Movies", which this time was about a girl getting sucked into the 'Wizard of Oz.' Jake, as usual, couldn't resist hanging out in the editing room with me as I worked. And of course, an extensive amount of that time I was scrubbing through the hours of original 'Oz' footage to cut into my version. So, sorry G-Ma, he'd already seen plenty of the 1939 flick before seeing it at your house.

Not sure if I'd ever "introduce" Jake to this "classic", since now that I've seen it as an adult I can proclaim it's pretty much a lame-o movie. And how about how morbid it is. Funny how I didn't remember that cute, little coroner-munchkin and his three minute musical number about DEATH. -CB