Monday, July 17, 2006

Nick's Favorite Word

Nick: Eat!
Mom: Are you hungry?
Nick: NO!
Mom: You want to eat?
Nick: NO!
Mom: You aren't hungry?
Nick: NO!
Nick: EAT!

Moral of the story: Every question or statement made to Nicholas is now answered with a NO!


Mom to Almost Four said...

way too funny!

Anonymous said...

We have the same problem with Jacob. I asked his speech therapist why, she said he was just messing with me. What a player.

Granny E. said...

Clearly what we are witnessing, are the precocious verbal meanderings of the young humanoid male. Such behavior will be exhibited again during adolescence and reach its peak during adulthood. At this time, he will use "double-talk" to artfully avoid answering his wife's questions and cause her such consternation that he may also delay being asked to do routine domestic tasks! EMB

Anonymous said...

To granny e.

On behalf of my male client, this is notification that you will be charged with verbage associated with sexual discrimination.