Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Ban On Jumping

At least on other living things that is...

About 3 months ago, Nicholas jumped on the side of my foot while I was cleaning out our built-in shelves. It was quite painful and I lived with it until this Monday, when I decided this really was ridiculous. After seeing the doctor, who was quite certain it was broken, I had an x-ray and today found out it is not broken. I repeat - NOT broken! Good news and bad. Great it isn't broken, but why does it still hurt in the same spot. Is it just badly bruised and keeps getting reinjured by the constant stepping of little feet or is there something more wrong. So for now I am supposed to wait another week or 2, like after 3 months that will make a difference, and try some anti-inflammatory.

Then 3 weeks ago, Nicholas jumped off our fireplace hearth and landed on the dog, who jumped up also. He then spent the next two days limping around. Nothing funnier than a 2 year old with a peg leg. He got his x-ray, which showed just a very mild sprain, and 5 days later was good as new. Of course, when you are two, you heal faster, and don't seem to mind continuing to jump on the hurt foot. It does slow down your running though.

Now, several days ago, Katie came upstairs from the basement, where I believe she had been jumping on the mini trampoline with her brother. She had a huge black eye, and claimed not to know what happened. It is currently a lovely shade of green, but is getting better.

Am I doomed to constant injury with the mini-monster?? Should I propose a ban on all jumping while within 5 feet of another human or animal? Should I ban all jumping from now on??

My solution for now: Allow all the jumping one can stand, but be sure to stand back. You never know when the young parachuter might land on you next.

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Mom of boys said...

Hope you get better! Boys cannot seem to help jumping on Moms!