Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Am Truly A Bad Parent

A very large spider was walking across the kitchen ceiling.

Both kids saw the spider, and wanted it gone.

I finally got up the nerve to get a kitchen chair and a large book and attempt to kill it.

I hit it with the first shot, but with the textured ceilings, didn't quite kill it, and it dropped down on a line about 10 inches, at which point I panicked and swatted it with the book and then threw the book down.

The kids kept asking where the spider went, and honestly I don't know. But rather than telling them it was dead and gone. I decided it was more fun to say it was crawling across the floor to get them. After all, I have had one less than delightful child today. So for now, I have two kids creeping around, watching for the infamous spider, and pretending they are killing it with books too. At least, Katie seemed to understand I was joking.

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