Sunday, March 18, 2007

Nicholas vs. The Sweater

Grandma E. made Nicholas a lovely blue sweater some time ago. It came with a hat and mittens, and is nice and soft and warm.

Grandma wanted a picture of Nicholas in said sweater, but to understand the following pictures, you must first understand Nicholas.

Nicholas does not believe in clothing. If given the opportunity he will take off all clothing including his diaper, and run through the house. He protests getting his jammies off in the morning, and then 3 seconds later protests getting clothes back on, even if it is the same jammies. He gets along fabulously with our 2 year old female neighbor who also has the same theory in clothing. "It is meant to be taken off!" Luckily she leaves her diaper on though.

So here is a story in pictures of my boy and his sweater picture session:

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