Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kids Have Bad Days Too

Nicholas has been in an atrocious mood all day today. From the moment he woke up until even after his nap, he has been whiny and clingy and complaining about everything.

He wanted water with ice. I gave it to him, and got back an emphatic "NO, ICE".

We went to a neighbors to play where he spent most of the time lounging on my lap, unwilling to play by himself or with others. Instead he wanted food and home. So we finally left.

He woke from his nap, complaining and fighting with his sister.

I finally came to the realization that kids can have bad days just like us, and this must just be one for him.

It is rainy and yucky outside. I think he is getting his last 2 year old molar. And I know that I have a headache, so maybe he feels crummy too.

So we turned on Dora, and we were all rewarded later with lollipops. Katie for completing her work quickly and correctly. Nicholas for stopping his complaining temporarily. And mommy for managing not to yell and scream and threaten the children.


Mom of boys said...

What is up today - Philip had quite the day himself!

Mom to Almost Four said...

This is so true! It is so easy to forget that kids have bad days, tummy aches, and grumpy moods. And not all of these are because of a sickness or virus.