Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas 2007

This years winning Christmas photo.
The dress was one Katie got from Grandma E. last year, and while a little snug, it was gorgeous on her.
Also, that adorable looking, handsome, smiling boy in the picture...5 seconds before this shot had been writhing around on the floor complaining he couldn't stand up. That is until Daddy got on the phone with Santa. Amazing what a little phone torture will do.

Making Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve after going to mass in the gym.

Yes I said gym. The gym was supposed to be for the overflow of the church and have a large screen telecast. The gym was also filled to capacity with people standing. Luckily for us, the children were ideally well behaved. Katie wore the gorgeous dress that Grandma E. gave her last year in addition to the one in the above picture. This one was a little more practical for the weather of the day with long sleeves. Nicholas on the other hand, had to wear an old shirt and pants, since he had gotten his Christmas clothes dirty previously, and they weren't dry in time for mass.
Two happy children on Christmas morning. 5:45 to be precise!!Nick with one of his favorites from Santa, and mine too. A Shake and Go Racecar set.
Katie, Bitty Baby, and the American Girl who is just referred to as my American Girl (once upon a time Princess Christmas and Princess Springtime) all in matching jammies and hats from Santa.

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