Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Who knew that Cincinnati is quite the windy city??

I mean seriously people, rarely does a day go by that it isn't rather blustery. During the summer, it's great! The temperature can be really hot, but you still have a nice breeze to sit outside.

Now during the winter, it becomes rather scary! Last night we had our third or fourth really good windstorm. The kind where the house seems like it might collapse. It creaks, and the windows sound like they are going to break. It is so loud that I can never go to sleep.

I woke this morning to see that the realtor's sign broke from the wind. The top half broke right off. I guess this is better than the first storm of the season, when the sign flew into the neighbor's yard, a good 75 feet or so away.

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GP-D said...

As the wind travels from west to east, it passes through Chicago that is world renown for adding bluster. We look forward to sending you our latest -20 to -30 wind chill to add to your Sunday/Monday Cincinnati blustery family events. Bundle-up!