Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Trip to Chicago

We were supposed to go to Chicago to visit my parents, brother, friends, and family prior to Christmas, but I got a stomach bug that ended that plan, and also ended any plan we could have made for our 9th anniversary on the 19th.
So instead we revised our plan to go a week later, right before New Years. My brother would be out of town, but we could see everyone else. Plus we had planned to go visit the Indianapolis Children's Museum, which is supposed to be the largest Children's museum, after Christmas, and it is only another 3 hours to my parents from there. So off we went.
We got to the museum an hour later than planned. Partly because we got stuck sitting in stopped traffic while some construction was being done on the highway, and partly because we didn't leave as early as we had planned. The museum was packed!!! So busy that we really couldn't enjoy ourselves with 2 small kids. We went to the dinosaurs first, which was really a great display, but a little dark for Katie's taste, and very busy. The kids did have some fun playing the computer question games that were set up along the walls though.
They also got to see several other parts of the museum, and take a ride on the Yule Sled, a good sized slide from the second floor to the first. I went with Nick, and Katie went by herself right next to me, but had to hold my hand at first. Too bad we had to wait 15 minutes just to ride or I think they would have done it several times.

I highly advise going on a less crowded day. The museum is not set up well for parents with young kids. There are many exhibits that your child can go one way, and you have to run around to try to find where they came out at. And with all the people, it could take you 10 minutes to find them again. It also seemed geared to older kids in my opinion.

Oh and did I mention we lost Nicholas while standing in line waiting for our tickets. Only for a few minutes though.

Then Saturday, after being at my parents house for several days, I took Katie up to the American Girl store with Grandma and Grandpa. She had been saving her money since before her birthday, and had some to spend. Then she got money from her grandparents, which gave her enough to buy the one thing she wanted from Santa that she didn't get. A new American Girl doll.

But before purchasing anything, we were able to get into the brunch at the cafe there. I had tried getting a reservation but they were booked. We were third on the wait list and luckily managed to secure what looked like one of the last tables there. Yippee! Katie stared around in amazement as the waiter sat both her and her doll at the table.

Then we went out to finish our shopping.

And Katie picked out Samantha, one of the historic dolls. She is beautiful! And as of right now she dresses her for the day, and for bed, and caters to her like a real person.


Celeste said...

Her happiness makes me so happy!

gp-d said...

The breakfast was absolutely superb and exceeded my expectations. Wow, what terrific pancakes! When complementing the waiter on his attention to detail, he mentioned that "we are professionals" . . . and they are.