Monday, September 04, 2006

First Day of School

Today was Katie's first day of kindergarten. While the day was not momentous in any way, shape, or form, it was a start. We had talked several times about mommy and daddy teaching her kindergarten at home, and she liked the idea very much. She surprisingly has not been to keen on the idea of going to a real school. So this year she is being homeschooled in a kindergarten curriculum that I will provide in a future blog. I liked seeing what a good friend was using to school her son this year, and hope the rest of you homeschoolers will think of blogging your curriculum ideas as well.

So today's lesson included making a Trinity mobile as part of our religion lesson.

She also made this gorgeous rainbow mosaic as part of our science lesson on weather. This was a really easy project and took very little prep work, but came out beautiful. Even Nick was highly interested in both of the finished products. The mobile is especially entertaining for him, since we hung it over our kitchen table.


Mom to Almost Four said...

Absolutely fantastic Kris! Love the rainbow mosaic idea - beautiful!!!!!

You are a great teacher and mom and I know Katie will flourish!

Now, who's up for first grade too? :)

Anonymous said...

Good job with the schooling. The projects look terrrriiifffic! Keep up the good and timely blog work. We really enjoy the updates........d.