Monday, September 25, 2006

Scary Bugs

A new sight to behold in Ohio. Apparently praying mantises and extra large grasshoppers are very common in this area of the country. Not only was this guy? hanging out on my kitchen screen, but so was a grasshopper that was actually bigger than him and fairly disgusting for those of us not so friendly with bugs. The grasshopper picture was too blurry though. After reading Danielle Bean's blog about her daughter's fascination with the praying mantis, I am even more frightened by these creatures who have come into my life.


Granny E. said...

Hello oh-buggy-ones,


Maybe this will change your mind and you will learn to love them. They look like little aliens, but do good work for mankind!
Love ya,
Grandma E.xoxo

Mom to Almost Four said...

I think I'll take your grasshoppers and praying mantises over our giant monster roaches anyday!

Misses you and your cuties.

Promise to email soon.

Big-Bro-in-Law said...

Hey, I heard it was illegal to kill them... not sure if that's true, but be careful. The long arm of the law is always watching - (except at schools of late, evidently).

Anonymous said...

While doing some work at Darlene's home, there was a mantis on the window screen. It didn't move much in the 50 degree WX, but it was doing sentry duty for Homeland Security..........d.