Monday, September 04, 2006

A Lesson in Baseball

This weekend we had the first glimpse of sun in quite a few days, as well as our first taste of fall-like weather. Temperatures have only been in the 60's during the day, and get quite cool at night. While I was busy inside baking an apple pie and some chocolate chip cookies for a night out at our neighbor's home, the boys were busy with the first of many lessons on baseball.
Anyone who knows my husband well, knows that a passion of his is the good old American sport of baseball. So after noticing that our dear son was not only holding a bat by the wrong end, but using it as a fairly accurate golf club, some batting practice was in order.

I must say the boy, at 22 months, is a natural, even with a backwards bat. And hitting off his sister's tee makes a great outlet for all that natural boy aggression. Who knew little boys were so rough and tumble?

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Granny E. said...

Hey MAB, about that middle photo....haven't we all seen enough "Funniest Home Videos" to know about the consequences of standing so close to the batter, especially when he is 22mos. old! OUCH.....!