Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy's birthday has come and gone. I don't know who had more fun though, Daddy or Katie?? It is definately a new thing to experience a birthday with young children. Katie and I went out the day before to go get a present I had in mind for Mike. On the way to the store, Katie asked me if we could go to the bookstore. Boy does she know her Dad. She came up with a list of about 5 presents that she was going to get for him. So after I picked up the present I had in mind, we went to the bookstore. I have never seen her so intent on finding her very own present for Daddy. She wanted to get him a book about planets, so after I led her to the right section, she proceeded to browse through the books. First she picked out a nice big hardback, to which I promptly replied, "Let's look a little more." (An $80 pricetag was just a little too steep for me.) Then she picked out her perfect presents, and we left the store with one very satisfied customer. She even helped wrap the presents and got to hide them all in her closet. The rest of the day was filled with "Can I give Daddy his present now?"

When the morning finally arrived, she once more got stuck waiting since her baby brother decided to pick that particular morning to sleep in. But finally both Daddy and Nicholas woke up and she delighted in giving her specially picked out card and gifts. It was wonderful just watching her excitement over giving a present rather than getting one, and how important it was to her for Daddy to be happy with his gifts.

The boys got in a little baseball before a quick lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.
And later that night, Katie baked a special birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday.


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