Friday, September 08, 2006

Homeschool Curriculum

We have completed our first week of kindergarten and Katie has shown much more enthusiasm and excitement than I could ever have imagined. As I started to prepare our lessons for the day and get organized yesterday, she got a big smile on her face and said "Is it time to do my work?"

Nothing could make me happier.

Since I have been so interested in seeing what other use to school their children, I am including a list of what we are using, and hope to update with things that I found particularly fun for us. I hope others will also include ideas on their BLOGS. (HINT HINT)

For our religious education, I am using the Kindergarten Who Am I? in the Image of God Series. We have previously used the preschool A book as well, and it worked for me. I also am sticking with Every Day Bible Stories. The simplicity of the stories is what makes it so great for us right now. Nick can happily sit on my lap, and the story is easily under a minute each time. Katie still learns something new each time, and we never did all the stories last time.

For Math we have begun the Horizons Kindergarten by Alpha Omega. While so far the material is too easy, we have improvised some things, so that instead of recognizing colors by flashcard, we are working to match color words to the proper colored crayon. How you ask? Simply by matching the letter sounds as she says the word to the printed letter on a color word flashcard. With only a simple introduction of red, blue, yellow, and green, Katie was getting them on her own after the first 2 colors.

For Language Arts we are using many varied programs. First, I chose Modern Curriculum Press' Phonics Level 1. We completed the Kindergarten level last year, and Katie and I both enjoyed it. We are also starting Alpha-phonics after many good recommendations. I like the simplicity and think now that her letter/ sound concepts are fully established that she will flourish. I have chosen many good books to read aloud to her from my own knowledge of good literature and from the Sonlight Grade K Read-Aloud list. Eventually, as she learns to read we have the I Can Read! books by Sonlight, and the simple books from Sing, Spell, Read, and Write. I also have a bunch of Dr. Seuss, P.D. Eastman, and other easy readers.

We are using the D'Nealian method for handwriting by Scott Foresman. I used it when I was teaching, and found it to be simple, and a great transition for cursive.

Social Studies is a little trickier. I have to cover the Ohio requirements, so I have chosen to use Gallopade International's Ohio Experience Kindergarten Student Workbook as well as their The Out-of-This-World Ohio Coloring Book.
We will also cover holidays, important people, the flag, etc. through art projects and good books from the library.

Science is mostly unit studies. I am following a basic outline by Sonlight and a 1st grade Science textbook that I bought at Half-Price books for $2. Gotta love Half-Price!! I then go pick up good non-fiction books at the library on that topic. So far we have done weather. This week will be the solar system and a little bit on seasons. In October we will do fall, pumpkins, harvest, etc. I also use several teaching resources I have to find projects for us to create. The Complete Resource Book for Preschoolers is a great source for ideas that can be expanded. Usborne and DK also have great books on different subjects for reading and finding ideas.

Hope everyone else is having a great start to their school years. I know we are!

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Big-Bro-In-Law said...

Hmm... I noticed 'Science' was way at the bottom of the list, while 'Religion' has made the top spot in two of your latest BlogSpots. We all know Stephen Hawking has already proven God doesn't exist, and just recently, Osama Bin Laden has presented a thourough argument against Jesus' proclaimed role as "King of the Jews". Maybe you should start introducing Katie to Scientology. Just go to Tom Cruise's web site for more information.
Hey, I'm just looking out for Katie here, I am her God-Dad for Christ's-sake.