Thursday, September 14, 2006

Triumph and Tragedy

Today was a day of success!!!

Not only did we successfully complete our lessons early this morning with minimal Nicholas distraction, but Katie also mastered her first real reading words. We began our first alphaphonics lesson this morning and while I didn't think she was totally getting it, I was once again proved wrong this evening. We have been reading quite a lot of books at night lately, and while reading one of the newer half-price selections, Katie began finding "her" words: am, an, as, and at. Ax thankfully was not in this particular book. She was overjoyed that she was reading and happily trotted downstairs to display her new talent to Daddy! Her excitement was so great that she was literally bouncing all over the bed instead of going to sleep tonight.

Of course the tragedy occurred mid-day.

After finishing lessons, I figured we would go out shoe shopping for some fall shoes for Katie. I ran upstairs to get socks for Nicholas and soon heard the usual screaming that is far too common these days from Katie. I came downstairs to her sobbing and saying Nicholas hurt her foot in the door. Thinking it was a usual unseeable injury, I went over only to discover that her big toe was bleeding and the nail had been bent in half. OUCH!! As she continued to cry, I checked out the injury, prayed it wasn't bad enough to cause the nail to fall off, and went about calming her down and treating the injury with the perfect cure-all - THE BARBIE BANDAID!!

A happy smile and a dose of Tylenol later, we decided to head to the shoe store anyway and at least try shoes on the left foot. We got a pair of cute magenta fall dress shoes as well as a pair of Princess slippers that are fuzzy on the outside and soft on the inside - a rarity in children's slippers.

The biggest triumph was for mommy though. I managed to make it through the shoe store, through Carter's next door, back home for lunch, and got both kids down for a nap in their own beds by 1:00. (Nicholas has had 15 minute car naps the past 2 days and been a general grouch and Katie has had no naps and been an even bigger grouch)


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Leah Hinojosa said...

I lost some computer information. Please email me w/address. Glad you are doing well. Thanks for posting the books you are finding helpful. Leah