Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Apple Picking

Apple picking!! YUMMY! It has been a life long dream of Katie's to go fruit picking of some sort. Life long being almost 5 years. She has often pretended to go berry picking, so when I asked her this past weekend if she would like to go apple picking, I was met with an enthusiastic YES! The weather was gorgeous, and the apples were plentiful.

Katie enjoyed picking the low ones under the tree, but also got to help us out by getting the ones too high for mommy or daddy to reach. Nick on the other hand did most of the eating.

We came back home with 2 bags of apples, and after counting them, found we had 101 (just like the dalmatians). After giving away a few bags to the neighbors, making an apple crisp, and snacking on a few apples, I have stored some in the basement and some in the refrigerator for now. Plans are to make some apple bread, and a few apple pies in the next couple days. Mike and I have joked about apple salad, apple juice, applesauce, apple bread, apple pie, and apple muffins for a whole days worth of apple eating. Anybody up for some apples?

And a rare picture of me. I think my children will look back someday and think that mommy didn't exist, since a photo of me and them is very rare.


Mom to Almost Four said...

Love the photos. What a wonderful dream come true. Jacob and Nicole would die and think they'd gone to heaven. Love the photo of you too - lovely!

Mom to Almost Four said...

Still love the apple photos, but oh, so anxiously awaiting birthday and cake photos. :)