Monday, October 23, 2006

Two New Friends

Two new friends have moved into our household...well, at least they reside on the front step. One has been named Joe, but then was changed to some other name I can't remember. The other is affectionately called "Punkin".

While Katie drew her pumpkin face with permanent marker, Daddy helped Nicholas tape eyes, nose, and mouth parts onto his pumpkin. After all, who would give a 2 year old a permanent marker??

After Daddy's marvelous carving job, Mommy's magnificent scraping of guts, and a quick search for candles, we admired our family results with the lights out.

After giving the seeds a good bath, and while Dad gave the kids a good bath, I popped the pumpkin seeds in the oven with some butter and popcorn salt, and we settled in to watch Charlie Brown and Snoopy in The Great Pumpkin. If you can get past the "stupid" and "blockhead" remarks it is a great movie, and a childhood favorite of both mine and Mike's. Last year, after watching, we did have to discuss not using the word stupid with Katie.
And here is Nick sporting his present from Daddy and Katie's Saturday adventure. They got to go on a father/ daughter date to a Purdue game and see some good friends from Houston and Illinois. While they enjoyed their time together, Nicko and I enjoyed doing some Christmas shopping and relaxing. It is amazing how quiet he is when big sister isn't around!

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Mom to Almost Four said...

Love the photos. What a great job on the carving!