Monday, October 30, 2006

Ten Random Facts MEME

This is my tag from Celeste.

1. I graduated valedictorian from a Catholic high school in Joliet, Illinois. I really didn't try to be valedictorian, since I really despised the idea of having to make a speech at graduation, but I also didn't think I should fake wrong answers just to lower my grades.

2. During college, I worked as a nanny to twins, as well as worked in the Loyola University Freshman Dean's Office. Working in the dean's office had many perks!!! Early registration for classes, paid summer meals, and getting in on the latest news early.

3. I met my husband while on Spring break in Florida. My friends in high school, ended up being his friends in college. I knew then that he was something special.

4. I actually first met my husband at the above mentioned friends wedding. We were both in the wedding party and sat right next to each other at the reception.

5. More and more, I think about going back to school to become a doctor. I want to be a doctor like I had, that recommends natural remedies before antibiotics or over the counter products, and is interested in the other aspects of family life that impact a person's health.

6. I love children! Especially my own two. I delight in their wonder and curiosity. I am excited, right along with them, about watching ladybugs crawl on the ground. I find their little hands and toes kissable. And I love watching them learn about their world.

7. I grew up in Joliet, Illinois. Location of the beginning of the Blues Brothers movie at Stateville Prison.

8. I worked with autistic and developmentally delayed children at Texas Children's Hospital, and would love to continue working in any capacity to help these children.

9. I still love to color. I would sit before having children and color in old coloring books. A new box of crayons brings joy to my heart.

10. I love Disney!! I have a collection of figurines that I started when I was 5 and took my first trip to Disney World. I started with 4 figures and now have somewhere over 60. I can't wait until our family goes to Disney World this fall.

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