Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday, Nicholas!

Nicholas' racetrack cake.
While not exactly a work of art (after a day at the zoo and putting 2 kiddos to bed, the last thing I wanted was a challenge) it did taste awfully good.
I must confess canned white frosting did most of the job, but I did make my own for the grass and it was yummy!
Black sugar asphalt for the track, rainbow sprinkles for the people in the grandstands my husband soooo wanted, and little diecast NASCAR racecars were the finishing touches.
Don't forget the banner saying Happy Birthday Nicholas held up by two lollipop sticks.
My little guy thought it looked good enough to eat, and he did. Tasting gently before the candles were even lit. Smiling proudly while he was sung too. And then diving right in without hesitation after the candles were out. He really enjoyed this part of his special day.


Mom to Almost Four said...

Absolutely fantastic. I think it is a work of art and I love the grandstand!! Job well done. And I'm glad he had so much fun. Thank you for satisfying your dying readers. :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't realize that we have such artistic talent in the family. Good job Dale Earnhardt!

Big-Bro-In-Law said...

Isn't Dale Earnhardt dead?

Happy B-Day Nick! Can't wait to see you.