Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Day Of Art

When all else fails in the land of homeschooling, just do ART!!
The weather was rainy, cruddy, and dark, so we took the opportunity to do some long awaited art projects.

We made apple prints after reading several books on Johnny Appleseed and apple picking.

We made a leaf collage and leaf rubbings from the various fall leaves we gathered. As you can see, most of the leaves are of the same type. The maples that we found kept crushing they were so dried out.

And we just did some painting. This is Nick's 2nd masterpiece.

And the best part for both kids, was rubbing their little hands all in the paint to make handprints at the end. I plan to let them each write next to their handprint, and save them for their scrapbooks. This way I get a handprint with a handwriting sample, or in Nicholas' case, a scribble sample.


Mom to Almost Four said...

Oh, yes. Art always works and brightens spirits. We did a little art today too and some baking. Katie looks so grown up in that photo. I can't believe it. And of course Nick and the mittens are a hoot!

Mom of boys said...

Whenever the boys start to get overly wound up, it never fails to pull out the art supplies - especially paint or play dough. It brings order back every time and there is enough to go around, so no fighting either!