Monday, October 30, 2006

Food Cravings

While Nicholas has finally begun to round the corner, Katie and I have been hit by the dreaded virus.

Yesterday, Nick began ramming his sister with assorted objects, and generally being obstinate. Definately feeling much better. The brightness was back in his eyes, and while he still has the runny nose and cough, the fever is gone and his eyes are clear. The doctor pronounced his ears looking better on Saturday, so things are going well for him.

Katie and I, now are full of the cold symptoms: runny nose, cough, congestion, and tiredness. Just in time for Halloween as usual.

The strange part...

While none of us is particularly hungry for anything, I had the strangest craving today (and NO I am most definately not pregnant). For those of you who know me, you'll know this is totally out of character. I ate a bologna and cheese sandwich for lunch with mayonnaise. It sounded so good and I must confess in my state of illness, tasted quite good too. I despise mayonnaise. I truly think bologna is just a flat cold hot dog, which I don't like either. But today, those two things were just the ticket!

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