Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Boys Will Eat Anything

I am a food separatist. I don't like my food to mix or touch. Everything should be eaten separately.

My 2 year old son is the exact opposite. We laughed as we watched him put the shredded cheese from his tortilla the other night into his pear applesauce, and eat it to the last bite.

Today it was pears dipped in ketchup. I am pretty sure that he would eat anything dipped in ketchup. For him it is a food group.

While some of the things he eats makes me gag, I am getting used to having this little boy and his strange eating habits. He continues to amaze me each day.

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Mom of boys said...

My boys are also big ketchup eaters. I really should start investing in the Sam's size bottles of the stuff!