Thursday, February 15, 2007


Ice is still here, but some is melting where the sun hits.

Driveway is 2/3 covered with snow and ice, Daddy has a semi-cleared route into the garage. No thanks to the snowplow that dumped huge chunks of snow and ice back at the bottom after I had just dug us out.

Mailbox was frozen shut yesterday, but I finally got it open. It looks picturesque with about an inch of ice covering it and large snow piles all around it.

Still huddled indoors. Kids in the neighborhood have a snow day for Day 3.

Running out of bread.

Plenty of ingredients for after-Valentine's day cookies. Maybe we will call them President's Day cookies.

Kids going slowly stir crazy.

Living room painted lovely sage green color, and looks gorgeous.

Twin bookcases to arrive later today. Good luck delivery guys getting them in our icy house.

Nick has cold, and for the first time no ear infection after 72 hours. YIPPEE!

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