Monday, February 05, 2007


Nicholas' surgery is over!!

This morning we headed for the Cincinnati Children's Outpatient Center in Mason. We checked in and were quickly seen by nurses and discussed his surgery. He then was supposed to change into a child size hospital shirt, socks and pants, but promptly rejected that idea. Instead he opted for the diapered bottom, no socks, no shirt look. He happily returned to the play/ waiting area (giant buckets of toys and blocks and a TV), sporting his new look in 0 degree weather. He eventually put the shirt on after realizing it was a bit chilly.

After a few minutes of playtime, we accompanied him back to the anesthesia room, and played with him as they put him to sleep. It was definately a sad and somewhat scary experience, but the doctors and nurses were great and kept him entertained as he drifted off.

Literally 5 minutes later, the ENT told us the tubes were done, and another 20 minutes later the urologist had finished.

We met him in recovery, where he was still asleep, and out of all the kids, I think ours was the only one not to cry hysterically. He fought the bandages and monitors which the nurse quickly removed, and then slept off and on in my arms for a while, as we waited for the doctor to come see us.

After daddy heated the car for us and pulled up, we came home and along the way we got requests for McDonald's, pudding, water, apple juice, etc... He quickly devoured a pudding, and happily started playing playdoh. He's been running around and creating general mischief ever since. With just occasional complaints of something hurting when the Tylenol wears off, he is our same old Nicko!

Still bulldozing objects with the toy stroller, still throwing assorted toys, and still fighting with his sister, who has been relatively kind to him all day.

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