Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Did Someone Say Snow???

I know I mentioned it was cold outside with no snow, but this is just a bit ridiculous.

7 or 8 inches managed to come down yesterday afternoon in only 6 hours. Luckily for us, we have wonderful neighbors who cleaned our driveway for us twice. They were rewarded this morning with chocolate chips cookies fresh from the oven!

Katie loves playing in the snow, while Nick was content (post-surgery) to hang out in the house with Daddy and watch Wonder Pets. He got to see this cute little show on Monday while he was recuperating and has since requested it several times.

Daddy went in late to work, which was a nice way to start our morning. He needed the break - his normal half hour commute took him 2 hours last night with windshield wipers that refused to work. I had to drive his car into the garage, since with our steep slope of a driveway, he couldn't get it past halfway. This morning his car was coated in ice chunks, and had some 3 inch icicles hanging off the bottom. I imagine the bright sunny sky will help melt it off.

And last of all, our beloved snowdog.

He did not appreciate sinking into the snow, and tried to leap over the snow covered step, back into the house. Instead he slid on the kitchen floor and landed in a heap.

Poor Hodge!


mom-in-training said...

Wow!!! That is some impressive snow! Bill spoke with his dad last night, who lives in Kentucky just outside of Cincinnati, and they were staying in a hotel for the night because Bill's stepmom could not make it home from work due to all the snow. I miss snow, but not that much! ;) Try to stay warm!!!

Crafty Mom said...

For someone who got to stay inside the whole day, I thought it was beautiful!! This morning it is even prettier with the sun shining and the snow sparkling. Doesn't Bill have family in West Chester too?

mom-in-training said...

He did. They moved to Mainville. We haven't talked to them, but I imagine they got a lot of snow, too.

I can remember living in Pittsburgh when I was a kid and I loved the way the snow looked at night with the light from the street lamp reflecting off of it. I used to stay awake for what seemed like hours just looking out my bedroom window - it was such a beautiful sight!