Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine gifts

The kids were very lucky to receive Valentine cards with gifts of money from both their grandparents. So after staying inside for 3 days of ice and snow, we ventured out to ballet on Friday, and then went to Target to pick out their presents.

Katie had no options, a doll was all she wanted. So she picked out a Barbie with a bed, and now Barbie sleeps in her very own bed on top of Katie's bed.
Nicholas is harder to shop for. At 2, he doesn't understand the concept, but he quickly decided on a package of playdoh with something like 24 colors and a whole set of tools to use with it. Best of all was the pair of playdoh scissors. He desperately loves scissors, and while his sister gets to use them all the time, he gets in trouble when he tries them out. So now he has his very own scissors that he uses with pride.
Mommy didn't get to pick out anything at the store, but she received this lovely bouquet of red roses that are absolutely beautiful for Valentine's Day.

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Mom to Almost Four said...

Instead of germy co-op on Friday we went to Toys R Us and the kids spent their Valentine's money from their Grandmommy and Papa. Jacob chose a Nerf spring loadd gun that shoots balls - really fun. I like it! Nicole very easily chose the Snow White doll she didn't already have. And I helped Andrew choose another Monster Truck.